Scalia, Prevailing Parties, Hurt Locker and more.

[TheChamp-Sharing]   SHOW NOTES Antonin Scalia Viewed Hollywood as “Foul-Mouthed Glitteratae,” But Wasn’t Entirely Unfriendly – Hollywood Reporter   HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLASS ACTION  SETTLED   ATTORNEYS FEES – Blurred Lines and Kirtsaeng Robin Thicke’s Attorney Argues $3.5M Fee Award in “Blurred Lines” Case Would Set Bad Precedent – Hollywood Reporter Supreme … Read more

Big Fees, Strikeouts and Disparaging Brands

[TheChamp-Sharing]   SHOW NOTES  Webcasting Rates   Marvin Gaye Estate Wants $3.4 Million for attorneys’ fees and Expenses Entertainment Law Update is brought to you, in part by the good folks at Clio, the best cloud-based practice management solution. Click the logo below to receive a free trial, and 25% discount on your … Read more

Holy Batmobiles!

[TheChamp-Sharing]   SHOW NOTES Let’s get in some stretching to warm up as we start our rundown… Bikram Yoga – copyright can’t protect sequence of moves:,44&as_ylo=2015&case=6835552009231999996&scilh=0 Is Teaching Yoga in public schools an Establishment Clause violation?  Court says no. (fast) It must be an election year… Donald … Read more