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In Episode 66, we talked about the major ruling by the 9th circuit in the Lenz v. Universal Case…. Not much to talk about here, except to mention that Universal has asked the 9th Circuit to re-hear the case en banc.

Jay Z Wins Copyright Case Because Plaintiff Did Not Have Standing

Netflix and film studios face lawsuit over song captioning for deaf | Film | The Guardian

CBS Radio’s Novel Defense on Pre-1972 Recording

Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices, Third Edition – – see section 803.9(F)(3) Unclear Authorship Terms for Derivative Sound Recordings


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George Orwell’s Estate is issuing Copyright Takedowns for the Number ‘1984’ .

Appeals Court Rules “Point Break” Parody is Entitled to Copyright Protection

Keeling v. Hars

Full Decision:

Fox News Anchor’s Suit Over Toy Hamster’s Likeness Results in Hilarious Point-by-Point Hasbro Rebuttal

Marilyn Monroe Estate’s Licensing Activities Alleged To Be a Monopolistic Sham

EFF Asks Supreme Court to Apply First Amendment to Speech About Celebrities

Anne Frank What is a Joint Work?

Monkey Selfie Update – (RE: Motion to dismiss by defendants) – (Slater’s motion to dismiss) (blurb’s motion to dismiss)– (Gender of the photographed monkey being disputed)

Taylor Swift