Much Ado About Lots Of Things.

[TheChamp-Sharing]   SHOW NOTES In Episode 66, we talked about the major ruling by the 9th circuit in the Lenz v. Universal Case…. Not much to talk about here, except to mention that Universal has asked the 9th Circuit to re-hear the case en banc. Jay Z Wins Copyright Case Because Plaintiff Did Not Have … Read more

Holy Batmobiles!

[TheChamp-Sharing]   SHOW NOTES Let’s get in some stretching to warm up as we start our rundown… Bikram Yoga – copyright can’t protect sequence of moves:,44&as_ylo=2015&case=6835552009231999996&scilh=0 Is Teaching Yoga in public schools an Establishment Clause violation?  Court says no. (fast) It must be an election year… Donald … Read more

Recorded before a studio audience: Fair Use, Happy Birthday, Monkey Selfie and more

In This episode of the podcast, attorneys Gordon Firemark and Tamera Bennett discuss recent decisions and cases dealing with:

Happy Birthday copyright invalidated
Fair Use rights expanded in “Dancing Baby” case
And more…

Face to Face – Canadian Copyright Term, The (non)Mark of Zorro and more

SHOW NOTES Canada Officially Extends Copyright Term to 70 Years SESAC Buys HFA Black Swan Intern Lawsuit Overturned Entertainment Law Update is brought to you, in part by the good folks at Clio, the best cloud-based practice management solution.   Click the logo below to receive a free trial, and 25% discount … Read more

Entertainment Law Update Podcast 64

SHOW NOTES Deadmou5 and Disney settle Deadmau5, Disney Settle Dispute Over “Mouse Head” Logo The House of Mickey had opposed the EDM star’s attempt to register a caricature of a mouse head.  Mr. Holmes v. U.S. Copyright Law Grand Theft Auto Maker Sues Over BBC Film   Entertainment Law Update is brought to … Read more