Problem Exists between keyboard and chair

podcast-logoDue to an unexpected “error between keyboard and chair“, the recording of Episode 7 cannot be published. For those interested, however, the show notes for what would have been our December 2009 episode are here.


Entertainment Law Update podcast episode 7

First, a word about Google Scholar This service from google offers a wealth of legal research tools for folks interested in the law. Case law from state and federal courts is online, and a rudimentary “how it’s cited” feature gives a good sense of whether a case is ‘good law’. Not a substitute for ‘True’ legal research tools, but a great starting point, if you don’t want to incur charges. I use it to get started on things for clients, and in preparing for this podcast. SCHOLAR.GOOGLE.COM

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Entertainment Law Update Episode 1 now approved for CLE credit in California

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