Entertainment Law Update – Episode 2

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  1. Jay Moffitt

    I had my caffeine right before listening to this, and I’m glad I did. You and Tamera covered a LOT of ground in just one hour. It definitely deserves a CLE, and I’ll get on the list to get notified about TN CLE when/if it becomes available. But I consider this indispensable each month, if only to save me days of research to catch every major case.

    Short note about fantasy sports. I’ve played it, I’ve run leagues, I know that it is not a typical David vs. Goliath entertainment law situation. Most of the sites profiting from fantasy sports leagues are Sporting News, Yahoo, USA Today, and many other huge players in the media market. That’s one of the reasons why the plaintiffs (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.) feel they can ask them to “contribute” for the use of the freely available information. But I agree with the “Celebrity Apprentice” analogy, and the following “slippery slope” argument, how long until the courtrooms start charging access fees for trial bloggers, printing fees for allowing FOIA documents to be freed to the media, etc. But one thing that has to be considered: the sports’ franchises labor agreements have already “priced in” to the future revenues this income stream; so would they be violating their own labor agreement if they didn’t continue to fight the fantasy leagues?

    Tamera, Gordon, great job!

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