Down a dark desert highway


Stairway to Heaven fight ascends to the 9th circuit


Pre 1972  Sound Recordings copyright  issue certified to California Supreme Court
Is there still gold in these oldies?


New York appeals Court reversed the Dismissal of a case brought against lifetime for Airing a Biopic of a convicted Murderer (Follow Up)


Jay Z’s Big Pimpin’ in a legal battle now centered on Moral Rights of Another Artist (appellant’s brief)


Federal Judge Grants motion for preliminary injunction  against enforcement of IMDB Censorship Law


First Use in Song? Eagles oppose Hotel California Mark


Coachella V. Urban Outfitters: Is Coachella Protected? 

(research note: consider a parallel to the Abercrombie case re: safari mark) (for research comparisons)


Some foreign artists blocked from SXSW due to improper visas


MPAA Studios Try to Fight Piracy Hydra


Are VIZIO TVs watching us?