In this episode:

  • SAG & AMPTP have arrived at a deal…
  • The competing  “Octomom” trademark  registrations
  • Is giving a (loaded)  iPod as a gift an act of copyright infringement? (First Sale and Fair Use) (President’s gift to Queen ElizabethII)
  • Copyright and Defamation issues in new social media… Twitter, Facebook, etc. Courtney Love being sued..  a cautionary tale for anybody who uses the Web?
    • 1st Circuit won’t review defamation ruling in Noonan vs. Staples.
  • Copyright holders taking action against content “scraping” websites.  (Hot News doctrine)
  • Fair Use, YouTube, DMCA takedowns, etc. –
    • YouTube says 37% of DMCA takedown notices are not valid copyright claims, etc.
    • Wish Upon a star” – Fox’s “Family Guy” “parody”/”satire”
  • Litigation:  “Push” lawsuits – When is a deal a deal?

Featured Topic: Ownership of partners’ and principals’ intellectual property contributions to a business in the absence of employment agreements.

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