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? SHOW NOTES Sirius Battle Over Attorney Fees Follows Turtles’ Pre-1972 Sound Recordings Settlement Related: Florida Supreme Court to hear Turtles copyright case Appeals Court Makes It Tougher for Content Companies to Sue Tech Services for Mass Piracy   EFF to Court: Don’t Let the Right of Publicity … Read more

Episode 81

[TheChamp-Sharing] SHOW NOTES Supreme Court At “Slants” Hearing, U.S. Supreme Court Weighs Offensive Trademarks (Tam v. lee) Supreme Court Asked If DMCA Safe Harbors Apply to Pre-1972 Sound Recordings   Following Up… New York Appeals Court reverses flo ‘n Eddie decision IMDB Asks Court to enjoin enforcement … Read more

2016: The Year in Review

[TheChamp-Sharing] SHOW NOTES And another lawyer discipline situation… Flo and Eddie lose appeal in NY.  Proposed settlement reached with Sirius.   And Now…  Our year end round up of the big stories from 2016… In no particular order, and this is a totally un-scientifically compiled list… Happy Birthday and other works … Read more

Podcasting the Law… of Podcasting – Episode 79

[TheChamp-Sharing] SHOW NOTES This episode was recorded live before an audience of fellow entertainment attorneys at Texas CLE’s 2016 Entertainment Law Institute Our guest panelist on this episode is Stan Soocher. Stan is the long-time Editor In Chief of Entertainment Law and Finance, and a tenured Associated Professor of Music and Entertainment Industry Studies at the … Read more

Puzzle Cases and Puzzling rulings

[TheChamp-Sharing] SHOW NOTES Plaintiff appeals ‘Stairway to Heaven’ copyright verdict (Update: denied fees)   LeBron James Tattoo Thrown Out The Order:   Lionsgate Follow Up   Maybe –   “Can The Olympic Committee really restrict Gif’s? How about hashtags?   Dancing Baby May Be Going to the Supreme … Read more

Stairway to Heaven, Copyright Small Claims, Tattoo T-Shirt & DOJ Ruling

[TheChamp-Sharing] SHOW NOTES   Led Zeppelin Ruling – No infringement (just background information) (more on why the recordings weren’t able to be used) (side note: attorney for Plaintiff may not be allowed to practice anymore) (side note: the legal fees) (LedZep Publisher’s … Read more