Live (sort of) from the 33rd Annual UTCLE/TESLAW Entertainment Law Institute

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A.I. in the news…


Actors reach deal with Studios on Contract, Compensation and AI Issues


New Senate Bill Seeks to Protect Artists from AI Deepfakes

#Legislation #deepfake #AI

President Biden Issues Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

Thaler Appeals D.C. Court Decision Denying Copyright for AI-Generated Art 

#copyright #AI

Most of Artists’ claims against Stable Diffusion A.I. dismissed…

#ai #copyright


Why lawyers really shouldn’t use A.I. to replace human effort in court filings, arguments, etc.

#AI #practicepointer

Graham v. Prince – Appropriation Artist Richard Prince loses on fair use, wins on scope of damages.


Are Westlaw hednotes and key numbers entitled to copyright protection? Jury will decide in this under-reported case involving A.I.

Ross Intelligence’s copying of Thomson Reuters’ caselaw headnotes will face jury to determine whether they’re entitled to copyright protection. 


 Thomson Reuters v. Ross Intelligence,  D. Delaware No. 1:20-cv-613-SB -westlaws-headnotes-but-leaves-for-jury-to-decide-if-it-violated-thomson-reuters-copyright.html

Takedown notice can exposes trademark owners to defamation claim (it depends on the wording) 

#DMCA #Defamation #PracticePointer

Supreme Court stays restrictions on  Executive branch efforts to influence to Social Media companies’ moderation policies 

#socialmedia #facebook #biden #Scotus

Murthy v. Missouri  USSC No. 23A243 (23–411)