Supreme Court

At “Slants” Hearing, U.S. Supreme Court Weighs Offensive Trademarks (Tam v. lee)

Supreme Court Asked If DMCA Safe Harbors Apply to Pre-1972 Sound Recordings


Following Up…

New York Appeals Court reverses flo ‘n Eddie decision

IMDB Asks Court to enjoin enforcement of new California actor age censorship law

SAG/AFTRA wants to join as defendant

State of California argument



‘Krusty’ Krab Restaurant violates Viacom’s “Spongebob rights



Axanar fan-film, NOT Fair Use (Judge Finds), goes to jury (now settled)

(CBS, Paramount settle)


Law Practice, Ethics, Etc.

Attorney ordered to identify deceased client in James Woods’ twitter defamation action


Dead Rockers Estates, Taxes and more…

Michael Jackson’s estate goes to trial over $1Billion tax bill

Prince’s Estate Tax Bill Due This Week: Why It’s So Big and How It Could Have Been Avoided

Roc Nation, Tidal Challenge Authority of Administrator of Prince Estate

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