Is copyright getting tougher?




Lindsay Lohan Loses

The decision:


Paid Endorsements?  Are your disclosures in order?

Canada is cracking down on paid social media endorsements


(Warners’ Fine to FTC)


What is “For Profit”: Dutch Playboy in the EU (the decision) (press release)

Also – question about what is “commercial?  (Creative commons case involving Fedex)


Further Policy Proposals in the EU


Actors may soon keep their ages confidential on entertainment job websites

Assembly Bill 1687:


Vid Angel?


Is it harder to register a Copyright now? * for context


Pokemon Go? (What have we unleashed?) (example of person who’s property was marked as a gym) (instance of mugging using the app) (re: privacy issue) (re: Holocaust Museum) (associated image for Holocaust Museum*)



THE CONSENT DECREE: (how much they collected){}}]r-esq/bmi-rate-court-judge-rules-929770

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