Plaintiff appeals ‘Stairway to Heaven’ copyright verdict (Update: denied fees)


LeBron James Tattoo Thrown Out

The Order:


Lionsgate Follow Up


Maybe –   “Can The Olympic Committee really restrict Gif’s?

How about hashtags?


Dancing Baby May Be Going to the Supreme Court


DOJ ASCAP/BMI Consent Decree Fall Out


More on DOJ – recommended listening: Podcast: Chris Castle, Steve Winogradsky & David Lowery


Stephen Colbert Cease And Desist


‘Iron Man’ Composer’s Lawsuit Over Ghostface Killah Sampling Revived by Appeals Court


Photographer sues Getty Images over PD images

Press agency accuses Getty Images of overstepping.. (side note: complaint filed)


Monkey Selfie Case – Peta files appeal


Set Top Boxes FCC v. Copyright Office (Copyright office letter)


For Fun – Are Crossword Puzzles copyrightable?


Woman Defaces Crossword Art: Claims Copyright


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