Stairway to Heaven, Copyright Small Claims, Tattoo T-Shirt & DOJ Ruling




Led Zeppelin Ruling – No infringement (just background information) (more on why the recordings weren’t able to be used) (side note: attorney for Plaintiff may not be allowed to practice anymore) (side note: the legal fees) (LedZep Publisher’s demand for $800,000)


Is there a Small Claims Copyright Court in the future?


Apple’s Streaming Royalties Proposal


J.R. Smith’s Right of Publicity in his Tattoos? of t-shirt for reference)


Three Texas SLAPP Cases


Brexit IP Impact


Brexit being trademarked (quick take)


Pre-1972 Magic from the 11th Circuit


Department of Justice denying consent decree


Fox News Hamster Follow-Up (quick take)

Politicians and Music Rights

Huckabee Pays for the Eye of the Tiger


Melania Trump Plagiarism


Trump  – We are the Champions note) (Posted after the fact)


Ted Cruz Infringing (Cruz motion to dismiss) (court decision)