Taxing Dead Celebs, Fee Shifting in Copyright Cases and Red Flag Knowledge



This month’s guest:  Jon Janecek (Pepperdine 3L, and ELU contributor)

Quick Follow up on Dead Celebrities

Whitney Houston


More Songs IN Public Domain

Quick Take:  “Woodie Guthrie’s  “This Land is Your Land”   in P.D.

Quick Take 2: “We Shall Overcome” and go into P.D.

Supreme Court Fee Shifting (Kirtsaeng Ruling)

Vimeo Second Circuit Ruling (when does red flag knowledge pop up?)


McCain Flips on another campaign using his ad (quick take)


Fair Use for the NYTimes (quick)


Net Neutrality upheld in DC Circuit Ruling

State Ownership of Copyrights – more news.

Georgia Copyrighting its laws (relate to Butts/CA statute from last ep)

(podcast about fastcase suing casemaker)


More on California’s move to copyright it’s works. (map of copyright status of govt docs per state)

 Yosemite Brand Names (why CA may be pursuing IP rights)  


1972 Recordings  

CBS victory on question of copyrightablitiy

(RIAA commentary on 1972 ruling)