DMCA here, there, and everywhere…



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Robert Allen joins us to further clarify the Turtles’ case history.

We are joined for this episode by Attorney Robert Allen, who practices in Los Angeles, and represented the plaintiffs in the Turtles’ case(s)  we’ve recently reported on.

Sony Hack

THB Added:

Ex-employees suing over hack

The EU Alters VAT Tax Regulations as Applied to Digital Product Sales

UK VAT Moss one stop link –

DMCA Takedown Cases

Google Handled 75% more DMCA takedowns in 2014 than in 2013

Monkey Selfie followup


Pinterest and Imgur

Lionsgate targets Reddit – link on reddit about fans discussing the DMCA takedowns and suggesting everyone keep the page/link on the “down low” and not attract attention.

After Announcing YouTube Music Key, YouTube Stands to Lose 20,000 Songs

New Canadian Takedown Notices are abused