YouTube, Hurt Locker, Idea Theft & More


In this Episode:

  • Follow up on Hot News
  • Viacom loses suit against YouTube.
  • Hurt Locker Suit(s)
  • Idea Theft
  • Tribute Band Names
  • Celebrity Rights of publicity

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Follow ups:

Google, Twitter go to bat for Theflyonthewall| Reuters

Don Henley Wins case against California Politician

Quick Takes

Copyright Office supports Broadcast Performance Royalty

Bill cite: Performance Rights Act, HR 848 in the House and S. 379 in the Senate

Copyright office letter issued June 7, 2010-

Court upholds CRB royalty setting

Ringtone Copyright Royalty Upheld by Appeals Court (Update1) – BusinessWeek

Case cite: Recording Industry Association of America Inc. v. Librarian of Congress, 09-1075 (US Ct. App. DC (Washington)(opinion issued June 22, 2010).

9th Circuit joins 5th and 7th Circuits, ruling that copyright registration need only have been FILED before bringing an infringement suit. The 10th and 11th take the inverse position that registration certificate must be in hand.   (see 17 USC § 411(a)) and This article)

Case Cite: COSMETIC IDEAS, INC. v. IAC/InteractiveCORP, Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit 2010

Michael Douglas’ ex-wife, Deandra sues for share of his earnings from “Wall Street 2”

Google beats Viacom! Read the full YouTube decision

What Viacom’s loss to YouTube means for Hollywood

Music Technology Policy Op. Ed. from Chris Castle

HURT LOCKER lawsuits

“Hurt Locker” Producers Seek to Hurt Wallets of Thousands of Individuals for Unlawful File-Sharing « JETLawBlog: The Official Blog of the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law

Montz v. Pilgrim Films & Television, Inc.

court sides with NBC Universal in ‘Ghost Hunters’ idea theft case

‘Heroes’ sued by Comic Book Artist Jason Barnes » Right Juris

FX arms itself to defend ‘Sons of Anarchy’ suit

Judge rules A&E mishandled ‘Steven Seagal: Lawman’ claim


Abba tribute bands warned to change their names – Telegraph


University Sues GM For Using Einstein In An Ad Without Paying Up | Techdirt

“A Living For The Dead” | CBS 60 Minutes

Watch CBS News Videos Online

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