Celebrity Identity Theft


Approximate Running Time: 01:07


Record Date:  November 16, 2009, 2:15pm PDT



    • Vent v. Mars Snackfood U.S., LLC

      • M&M Mars not liable in idea submisson case surrounding ‘addams family’ characters/cross promotion
      • Entertainment Broker did not establish that there was a confidential or fiduciary relationship arising from her submission of idea to Mars.  Under  New Jersey Misappropriation of Idea Statute, plaintiff  mustshow that (1) the idea was novel; (2) it was made in confidence to the defendant; and (3) it was adopted and used by the defendant in connection with his own activities.. The district court granted defendant’s motion to dismiss because Vent’s idea was not novel and because she did not convey it in confidence.
      • The court also rejected Vent’s argument that it is customary in the entertainment and marketing industries for a pitch to be confidential; as the court noted, Mars is not in the entertainment or marketing industries and thus cannot be expected to know or abide by such standards.

    • Jon Gosselin has countersued against TLC, on grounds that his contract is ILLEGAL – citing child labor violations, among other things
    • (TLC is suing Gosselin for breach of contract exclusivity by appearing on other TV shows, engaging in celebrity endorsements, etc.
  • Side-note – The New York City government has announced that the public will no longer be able to visit the Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting to leaf through the city’s film shoot permits. Instead, those who are interested in figuring out where celebrities will be on any given day, will be forced to file a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The Mayor’s office says it isn’t making the change to stifle paparazzi, but rather because of budgetary considerations.

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