The Pope and Little Mermaid turn it up to 11.

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Show Notes

Legislation & Rulemaking

  • Copyright Office – Fees for Special Handling of registration applications will be waived for applications that have been pending for 6 months, and where the registration is needed  because the applicant is about to file an action for infringement.  37 CFR Part 201
  • Copyright Office – proposed changes to deposit requirements
  • This applies to Section 407 deposits.  (unpublished works)
  • The proposed amendments would change current practice by permitting the Copyright Office to issue a demand for copies of works published only online.  The revised regulations would also establish the process for issuing and responding to a Copyright Office demand, amend the definition of a “complete copy” of a work for purposes of mandatory deposit of online–only works, and establish new best edition criteria for electronic serials available only online.  The copyright Office is seeking public comment on these proposed regulation change. These comments are due on August 31st.

Court Quick-takes

Religion – The Pope’s view of intellectual property laws.


Political uses of pop music

Obama /NORML postercopyrightissues.
(see the photo and poster in question)

Sculptures and Sculptural Works

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